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Wow! It seems like we can't get enough on learning...
BIOME16_banner_attend_600x600Wow! It seems like we can't get enough on learning about the gut at the moment!  I can't help sending details out about this completely FREE summit because the line-up is unmissable AND, they have covered the all-important mind-body aspects on the gut including experts like Dr Deepak Chopra and Larry Dossey - amazing and right up my street! The trillions of organisms (known collectively as the microbiome) that live all over your body have a profound influence on your health. But what do you know about them? Understanding your microbiome is vitally important for people suffering from chronic diseases of the heart and digestive system, autoimmune disease, diabetes, thyroid disorders and more. (more…)
How to Deal with Cultural Energy Vampires
Energy stealing by other people is a real phenomen...
cultureEnergy stealing by other people is a real phenomenon and goes on all the time. It can occur at the individual level, as we covered already in the article on dealing with energy vampires, and at the group level via culture, which we are exploring in this article.  Your cultural context has a profound impact on your thinking, behaviour, beliefs, and ultimately your health and energy levels as well. culture is a way of life of a group of people, including the behaviours, beliefs, values, and symbols they accept, generally, without thinking about them and are passed along by communication and imitation from one generation to the next.

“Who you hang out with is who you become”

Success Coach, Antony Robbins

How to Deal With Energy Vampires and Detox Your Relationships
Unfortunately, people who are energy vampires are ...
vampiresUnfortunately, people who are energy vampires are very real and one of the most underestimated environmental factors zapping your energy on a daily basis.  This energy stealing often goes unseen, because even the most caring medical systems lack the conceptual framework to see and address it. (more…)
The Impact of Emotional Trauma in Childhood on Health Across a Lifetime
The effect of unresolved emotional trauma from chi...
Trauma childThe effect of unresolved emotional trauma from childhood on health across a lifetime is possibly the most under-exposed risk factor for all major chronic health conditions in the world today. Huge studies by the CDC and Kaiser Permanente starting with 17,500 adults in the mid 1990s confirm stunning statistics. No patient can afford to ignore the impact of "adverse childhood events" or "ACEs" on their health, and we must ensure more and more health practitioners become "ACE aware."


The Impact of Emotional Trauma on Gut Health
I have an exclusive gift for my followers! Dr Eric...
Trauma I have an exclusive gift for my followers! Dr Eric Zielinski, one of the hosts from the Heal Your Gut Summit recently caught up with me and decided to do an interview with me for the summit on the impact of emotional trauma on gut health. As we caught up with each other a little late, this interview is not part of the main summit - you can only access it if you purchase the summit when it goes on sale as a purchase bonus, so I'm super-happy to be able to gift the interview completely for free to my own following - this is an exclusive! HYG_600x600_AttendThe Heal Your Gut Summit is a knock-out event this year already - it's completely FREE from 18th-25th January this year - register your free place now! (more…)
Attend the Heal Your Gut Summit!
It's free summit season again! Your gut: where hea...
HYG_600x600_AttendIt's free summit season again! Your gut: where health starts and healing begins! I love free summits, especially when they contain outstanding, relevant and free information. As you will gave gathered from my summit - gut health is profoundly important if you want to have abundant energy and overcome fatigue. In the Heal Your Gut Summit world-leading gut experts including Donna Gates interview a stellar line up of experts - this is a good one, not to be missed! (more…)
Interview with Alex Howard for Abundant Energy TV with Niki Gratrix
I'm excited to release the first official Abundant...
Alex-Exercise-200x200I'm excited to release the first official Abundant Energy TV interview with Alex Howard, the CEO of the Optimum Health Clinic in London. Alex suffered with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME for 7 years before recovering and writing about his story in his first book Why ME? He went on to cofound the award winning Optimum Health Clinic in London (with Niki)  which now treats many thousands of patients in over 35 countries around the world. (more…)
How to Complete a Home and Work Energetic Clean-up
In order to obtain abundant energy, it is vital to...
shutterstock_307245575In order to obtain abundant energy, it is vital to understand that your body is also profoundly affected by electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), or “electrosmog”, now being emitted by our mobile phones, Wi-Fi, computers, cell phone masts, cordless telephones, microwaves, powerlines, and smart meters. EMFs have been found to be responsible for all kinds of symptoms, including fatigue, tiredness and weakness, pain and headaches, sleep problems, dizziness, memory and concentration problems, depression, anxiety, as well as many more serious health conditions listed in the table below. (more…)
Amazing Raw Juice Recipe made with the Most Important Spice in the World: Turmeric
Why is turmeric probably the most important spice ...
TurmericsmallWhy is turmeric probably the most important spice in the world? Curcumin, the yellow pigment and primary medicinal component of the plant has been studied in over 5600 peer-reviewed and published biomedical studies. Studies have shown turmeric to be as effective as 7 different classifications of drugs including: Lipitor/Atorvastatin (Cholesterol Medication), Corticosteroids (steroid medications), Prozac/Fluoxetine & Imipramine, (antidepressants), Aspirin (blood thinner), Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, Oxaliplatin (chemotherapy drug) and Metformin (diabetes drug). If you want to supercharge your energy and support amazing health - you don't want to miss out on this gorgeous raw turmeric juice recipe you can add to you daily routine! (more…)
How to Complete a Home and Work Chemical Clean-up
In order to have abundant energy, it is vital to c...
pollutionIn order to have abundant energy, it is vital to clean up your external environment. External environmental stressors are like loads on a boat, which will eventually cause the boat to sink, leading to low energy and ill health.  A two-year study, involving five independent research laboratories in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands, found up to 232 toxic chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of 10 babies from racial and ethnic minority groups. In the face of unprecedented human exposure to toxins today, more than ever, we need to know how to clean up our environment and detoxify if we want to optimize our health and lifespan. AE_HeadshotBanner_Vojdani"Between 80,000 to 100,000 new chemicals were introduced into commercial use since the 1940s. Only 3% to 5% of those substances were characterized for human toxicity. Now, in the meanwhile, while they did not examine the other 95%, they are introducing additional 2,000 new chemicals every year. So many chemicals, you and I, all of us are exposed to these chemicals on a daily basis."   (more…)
Abundant Energy Free Gift Starter Kit and Short Talk with Harry Massey on His Latest Movie: SUPERCHARGED!
Dear All, Here is my latest Video Blog, with more ...
Harry-Massey_Guest_2803_200x250Dear All, Here is my latest Video Blog, with more details in writing below. Please note we had a lot of fun interviewing Harry Massey (a speaker from The Abundant Energy Summit) about his 3rd documentary health film called "Supercharged" which covers the highly relevant topic of how to have abundant energy for life. You may have seen Harry's previous movies, check out the trailers for The Living Matrix Movie and Choicepoint. We decided to leave the funny outtake of his dog appearing at the 7.05 minute mark. If you enjoyed the video, please let us know by liking my page below or commenting on this post! Like my facebook page if you enjoyed the video!
Check out www.superchargedmovie.com to stay in touch.

Free Gift Available for Download Now - The Abundant Energy Starter Pack Part 1

As promised the the first of four parts of my ebook The Abundant Energy Starter Kit  can obtained by signing up to the free newsletter on the right. Part 1 contains the all-important "10 Foundational Principles of obtaining Abundant Energy." The ebook draws upon key simplified learning points from The Abundant Energy Summit  and my experience of over 7000 consultations with people suffering fatigue. I'm very happy to receive any feedback, so feel free to comment on my facebook page or this blog. Stay tuned for parts 2-4 in the next few weeks.  

Details on another Abundant TV Interview Confirmed - Alex Howard

Energy_Logo_FINAL2Interviews with Trudy Scott and Dr Damian Downing are in progress, I can now announce we will also be interviewing the founder and CEO of The Optimum Health Clinic Alex Howard. Alex Howard1 Alex suffered with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME for 7 years before recovering and writing about story in his first book Why ME? He went on to co-found the award winning Optimum Health Clinic in London (with Niki)  which now treats many thousands of patients in over 35 countries around the world. The clinic protocol is based on functional medicine, nutrition and psychology techniques including NLP, EFT, meditation, psychotherapy and life coaching. The clinic published a pilot study showing its results with CFS/ME patients in the British Medical Journal Open in 2012 and is now undertaking a full randomized controlled trial with the University of Surrey. Alex's full bio is here. We'll send the email out when the first Abundant Energy TV interview is ready, to receive notification of all emails, subscribe here to Abundant Energy TV. Take care everyone and bye for now. In health, Niki PS Don't forget to like my facebook page if you enjoyed the video!
Announcement of the Launch of Abundant Energy TV
Niki Gratrix, here, host of the Abundant Energy Su...
Niki Gratrix, here, host of the Abundant Energy Summit. I'm very excited to invite you to the launch of Abundant Energy TV - a completely free TV channel on Youtube. Once per month we will be releasing one brand new interview with a world-leading expert on how to optimize energy covering everything from functional medicine, psychology, diet, lifestyle, energy medicine and much more. To subscribe now to the free Youtube Channel and hear a short message from me, click below: Abundant Energy TV Tab (more…)
Abundant Energy TV Interview with Dr Sarah Myhill
Today I am very excited to release the summit inte...
Sarah MyhillToday I am very excited to release the summit interview with the pioneer in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME Dr Sarah Myhill. This was out TOP RATED interview from The Abundant Energy Summit voted on by almost 31,500 attendees of The Abundant Energy Summit, so - don't miss it and share widely - Dr Myhill gave a really superb and energetic interview. Unmissable. (more…)
Abundant Energy TV Interview with Dr Leonard Jason by Niki Gratrix
Today I am very happy to release a FREE GIFT - the...
Leonard Jason Today I am very happy to release a FREE GIFT - the interview we did with the world-leading expert in the case definition of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, Professor Leonard Jason from DePaul University Chicago as part of The Abundant Energy Summit. This is a great video to share with friends, family, healthcare professionals and organisations - anyone you feel needs to better understand CFS/ME! (more…)
Abundant Energy TV Interview with Ken Wilber
I was extremely proud and honoured to have the op...
I was extremely proud and honoured to have the opportunity to complete an extensive interview with the world's leading theoretical psychologist and philosopher Ken Wilber on holistic or "integral" approaches to medicine and health in general. If you are overwhelmed or confused by all the options out there from conventional medicine, functional medicine, energy medicine, mind-body and so on, and especially if you are a practitioner - this is ESSENTIAL information about defining exactly what we mean by "holistic" approaches to health - this will help both patients and practitioners alike to understand the map they need to navigate yourselves and your patients to optimum well-being. (more…)
Abundant Energy TV Interview with Dr Tom O’Bryan
The brilliant Dr Tom O'Bryan, world-leading exper...
The brilliant Dr Tom O'Bryan, world-leading expert on gluten sensitivity gave a superb interview looking at the links between gluten sensitivity and fatigue as part of The Abundant Energy Summit. Dr O Bryan ran the hugely successful Gluten Summit, A Grain of Truth and was the inspiration and support behind me hosting my summit! Dr O'Bryan is a seasoned interviewee and never disappoints -check out the interview. (more…)
Thank you for All Your Amazing Feedback about The Abundant Energy Summit!
I just want to thank everyone greatly for the love...
thank youI just want to thank everyone greatly for the lovely feedback and kind words about the summit. It's been a very long  project, but absolutely worth it. Time for a short break for me now, but not for long as there are already new plans and projects looming! Here were a few of your lovely comments below. Thank you to everyone, With kindest regards, Niki

"Thank you soooo much for all your hard work in putting on such an amazing summit with brilliant speakers! my flash drive arrived today and i look forward to hearing the interviews again and again ;-) really enjoyed this summit... best summit yet! also, you're an excellent interviewer; energetic, great questions and it was clear that you really grasped the material so dialogue was stimulating. A heartfelt thank you to you!!!"

"These were a fabulous group of speakers.  The information was encouraging, and reinforced the direction I am being lead.  Loved the cellular information, the microbiome, the energy medicine and how so many therapies are really connected.  Your questions and organization of the topics were like opening into a bigger room each time we entered it.  Truly grateful for this opportunity to be part of this Abundant Energy summit."

"Thank you very much for your wonderful interviews with these leading experts!"

"Thanks for the energy report and your care!"

"Thank you so very much for this great event, which was fantastic!!!!"

"I have listened to many summits in my search for improving my health and this is the first one I have found to be so well rounded in its approach. We are all unique so our healing journey is going to be unique too and your summit allowed us to understand never to give up. One size does not fit all! I have never sensed  that other summits were going to truly answer my questions and be worth my investing in so I have attempted to listened to each of the speakers and written down the info I thought was of help to me. For some reason I knew that yours was different,be at the forefront of understanding and bought it just before it started. Each one I have listened to has given me some much to think about. Thank you so much Niki, for putting together so much ground breaking info,for people like myself that are limited in finance,understand a lot but need more information to be able to see their way forward. After a spell of feeling like just letting go and come to the conclusion this is my life you have given me hope again to keep searching."

"I can't begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed listening to these presentations.  I was tremendously impressed with the qualifications, knowledge, experience, and research backgrounds of the speakers."

"I can't thank you enough for the excellent information that was presented, and the professional quality of organization and planning that went into preparing this Summit.  Niki was an excellent facilitator - knowledgeable, and able to respond to the speaker's information and ask relevant questions to enhance the presentation - without stealing the focus away from the speaker.  She has a real gift for this."

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Even 5000 years ago, the Indian yogi's like Patanj...

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Encore Day Extension and Final Feedback on The Abundant Energy Summit!
Some of your final comments and feedback about the...
Some of your final comments and feedback about the summit have been phenomenal and I thank you very much indeed!

"I just wanted to thank you for an excellent series of lectures during the Abundant Energy Summit. I want to compliment you as an interviewer/moderator. You are the best I have heard. You are able to bring out information from the interviewee, contribute related information and not dominate the interview. You have an excellent skill with this and thank you for setting up this summit."

"I’m enjoying the Abundant Energy Summit. It is wonderful information like  no other. You have organized the speaks in a very  succinct manner and the content is ‘out of this  world’… that where perhaps,  we all intercommunicate and transcend. You have been very organized for this summit an your summaries and questions are so well thought out and helpful. In Gratitude!"

"Your seminar has been fantastic!! I just listened to the encore presentations at 1:00 a.m. US time as I was out of town with work all day. Thanks again for this wonderful and awesome presentation" 

Extension of the Encore Day by 12 hours - so you can now watch the final day until the end of Tuesday 1st September EST USA!

So you still have a chance to watch the highest voted 5 talks  - voted on by you the attendees! Click below for directions to watch Dr Sarah Myhill, Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr William Walsh, Ashok Gupta and Dr James Oschman... AE_600x150_Attend

This also means we are extending the Summit Sale Price by one more day - so you can still own ALL 30 talks at half price!

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Feedback from Day 7 and Who Won the Top 5 Favourite Speakers to be Replayed for Today’s Encore on the Abundant Energy Summit?
Feedback from Day 7 "This summit has been really e...
Feedback from Day 7

"This summit has been really exactly what I have needed both personally and professionally! Again Thank You so much for all you have done to make this all possible! A few of my friends are thinking about buying in to the program. I wasn't sure I could afford it but am considering it now that I have listened over the past few days! Again thank you so much for this treasure! With LOVE"

"Many thanks for all the talks on the summit and all your hard work. A lot to think about and work through!"

"Thanks Niki, fantastic summit (my favourite so far) and I've learnt so much to apply into my own life and help clients"

"I'm watching as many presentations as possible and am bowled over by the quality of the information and speakers".

"So many great speakers at the summit that it's really tough to choose. And Niki, you did such a fabulous job interviewing each and every one."

"All the speaker were absolutely brilliant and Niki, your interviews were spot on! You were gracious and complementary and artfully helped to bring out every last diamond of information in each topic, while making is seem effortless. You are a really smart cookie! Spectacular Job! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you to all involved."

"The Abundant Energy Summit is going on as I type this post out to you! It is fantastic and the speakers are outstanding. It's free daily - you can also buy in to the sessions to listen when your time allows.  Niki is brilliantly leading us through each session with great reflection wisdom and insight.  Wishing you an abundance of LOVE and Energy!"

Who Won the Attendee's Votes on the Best 5 interview of the Summit?

Here are the votes now in!
  1. Dr Sarah Myhill
  2. Dr Dietrich Klinghardt
  3. Dr William Walsh
  4. Ashok Gupta
  5. Dr James Oschman
And the great news is - you can now listen to these AGAIN for Free as part of the ENCORE Day. These will be released early afternoon UK time and around 10am EST USA today (31st August) and will be available for 24 hours!

AE_EncoreDayBannerClick Below to listen for FREE!


Feedback from Day 6 and What you Get on Day 7 of The Abundant Energy Summit!
Feedback from Day 6: "I just want to say thank you...
Feedback from Day 6:

"I just want to say thank you so much for your summit! I haven't missed a talk yet and I'm learning so much, things I would have expected the CFS clinic i visited to have told me. Even the talks I expected to be a little be over my head were so well explained and you've given me so many things to think about and discuss with my Dr, I hope the rest of the summit is as amazing as the first half. I can't explain the hope you've given. Thanks again."

"Niki, wonderful, wonderful summit. Thank you!"

"I am in awe of the Abundant Energy Summit. I am so grateful for this wonderful summit and learning so much as we go."

"I love all the wonderful information offered in these summits. Thank you all for all your time and hard work. The things I have learned in the summit has helped me change my health and educated me to help others. Ya'll totally ROCK!!!"

There is now only today and tomorrow that the summit price of $47 is available for owning all 30 talks. Summit sale ends on Tuesday morning EST, USA.

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What you will learn on Day 7

Don't miss the incredible work of Patricia Fennell on the 4 phases of chronic illness, the world-leading psychoneuroimmunologist and burnout expert, Dr Joan Borysenko, the Head Researcher of Heartmath, Dr Rollin McCraty and the New York Times best-selling psychiatrist Dr Judith Orloff: AE_Day7Banner

Watch Now by Clicking Below!


Feedback from Day 5 of the Abundant Energy Summit and what’s coming for Day 6!
Feedback from yesterday! "Really enjoying the spea...
Feedback from yesterday!

"Really enjoying the speakers on your summit -exceptionally well informed and articulate, wonderfully guided by yourself. Thanks for all the work you put into this"

"This just might be the best health summit I've listened to as yet because I find it do universally informative and helpful! And I listen to many!"

"Niki, just a quick note to say how much I'm enjoying your Abundant Energy Summit. I can't imagine how much work you have put in to make it come off so well. I'm well informed but I've learnt so much, and frankly, even when I know the information, to hear it presented in such an approachable and upbeat way has energy-shifting properties alone!"

"Hello Niki, all your interviews are brilliant! You are extracting/encouraging the most out of these interviews/excellent focus, direction and clarity."

"The summit is amazing!! I am really enjoying every talk!! Thank you!!"

We only have 3 days left while it will be possible to buy the summit at just $47 or £29. After that we go on sale for $97, so, don't miss out!

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What to Expect on Day 6 - (Due to be Released Early Afternoon UK Time)

On Day 6 we continue through our health odyssey moving into the realm of the brain and the power of thoughts, beliefs and consciousness itself in affecting our health and well-being. Having covered functional and physical environmental issues, energetic aspects and the role of physics in health in days 1-5, now we really get into the science of "psychoneuroimmunology" or mind-body medicine. Unmissable presentations today from two speakers who have recovered themselves from chronic illness and run successful international clinical practices helping others do the same using mind-body techniques, a New York Times best-selling author on the role of intention affecting our health, and the greatest theoretical psychologist ever helping us to expand our understanding and incorporate multiple types of human intelligence and developmental psychology into our framework of reality! AE_Day6Banner

Don't miss our on hearing today's talks - click below to attend for FREE early afternoon UK time today (Saturday 29th)!


Feedback up to Day 4 and What’s Coming Today on the Abundant Energy Summit!
More feedback from our attendees: "I can not expre...
More feedback from our attendees:

"I can not express in words the gratitude I feel for getting a chance to get a peek of the newest research in this area and I see potential for further improving myself healthwise I am filled with awe at the thought of Niki having the vision to carry this project through to completion and congratulations to a fantastic job!"

"This is an incredibly informative and encouraging summit. As with so many summits I listen to this is about so much more than the "dedicated" title. If ill, it's great, and if not, learn how to stay that way. Thank you so much. Love learning through these forward thinking individuals!"

"I have listened to 7 of the talks now and I am finding them very high level expert talks with so much to say about how people can improve their recovery. Seriously, the talks are high level expert and well worth the money. I'm very surprised shes selling the lot for so cheap! I am looking forward to watching today's."

Don't miss today's talks on DAY 5!


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Some Feedback so far from Attendees of Days 1, 2 and 3 of The Abundant Energy Summit!
"The Ken Wilber material on the Energy Summit was ...

"The Ken Wilber material on the Energy Summit was stellar and perfectly complemented by the equal genius of Klinghardt and the biosystems Gaia supporter finishing the second day they know the true foundations of healing and suffered a lot in their hard-won wisdom, especially Wilber and Dietrich, both mito experiencers with great spriitual wisdom, still always learning greater perspectives."


"Tom Malterre's talk was so helpful and so cutting edge - I heard things I've never heard before and a lot of it was valuable for my own health and awareness! Thanks so much!"


"Excellent summit talks, Niki, and your interviews are very knowledgeable and illuminating. It's terrific to have all these internationally pioneering speakers in one place to talk specifically on this subject this week."


"Niki that was a Brilliant interview with you & Sarah Myhill, you covered so much good content in a short time, I have shared a link to this with several people who are healing CFS as this is rich with good information & also well rounded/holistic view of healing that you & Sarah have. Really big thumbs up to you for putting this together, you + your work is so purposeful, sending you a big dose of Gratitude for all that you have done/are doing & sharing. Looking forward to the interview with Ashok & others"


"Just heard Dr. Myhills voice for the first time! She sounds just like I imagined her: reassuring, super energetic, matter-of-fact, sparkling intellect... Wow she is like an avalanche! I wish this would go on Youtube at some point, that could potentially save so many who have not heard of her!"


"Niki Gratrix the summit has been brilliant so far, I'm an ex nurse before M.E. Im so surprised with all these speakers that governments and doctors still think its psychological or non existant and dont realize how much we suffer."


5 Hours Left of Half Price Sale, Day 1 and Day 2 Success and Dr Leonard Jason Research Study
Thank you everyone for your kind messages, I'm so ...
leonard-jasonThank you everyone for your kind messages, I'm so glad many of you are telling me you got a lot out of these first 2 days of the Abundant Energy Summit. Day 3 is about to start and we have a stellar line up today too! Come and join us for day 3 here! For those of you who have been asking about the participating in the research study related to chronic fatigue syndrome/ME which Dr Leonard Jason and his team at DePaul University in Chicago are conducting, below is the link where you can apply to participate. https://redcap.is.depaul.edu/surveys/?s=d9gSMwkGsW



See you at the summit!
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We are looking for affiliates who would like to si...
AE_Day3BannerWe are looking for affiliates who would like to sign up for free to become affiliates of the Abundant Energy Summit and earn 50-70% of any final sales. The summit runs FREE for 8 days as you may know, but also goes on sale during and at the end of the summit. Affiliates can earn a generous 50% of any final sales for the first 1000 people they sign up (and 70% above 1000 people). If you are a practitioner or have a following of people who would be interested - we'd love for you to help us reach many many more people with this free and extremely important information about how to optimize energy and overcome chronic fatigue and related illnesses. Sign up as an affiliate here: www.abundantenergysummit.com/affiliate/ You can find marketing copy and all the information, pictures and banners you need to post out about the summit at www.abundantenergysummit.com/affiliate-center/ Thank you!
What You Will Learn on Day 2 of The Abundant Energy Summit FREE 24th-31st August!
  See you at the Summit!
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See you at the Summit!

What You Will Learn on Day 1 of The Abundant Energy Summit 24th-31st August!
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Blog Talk Radio Interview About The Abundant Energy Summit with Wellness Coach Edie Summers
Yesterday I did an interview with Wellness Coach E...
Edie summersYesterday I did an interview with Wellness Coach Edie Summers from  www.portlandwellnesscoach.com about the upcoming Abundant Energy Summit and what listeners can expect to get from attending. To hear the full interview, CLICK HERE AE_600x150_Attend
Interview about the Abundant Energy Summit
For practitioners who want to know more about what...
Energy_Logo_FINAL2For practitioners who want to know more about what they will get specifically from the Abundant Energy Summit - why it is different from all the others, Miguel Toribio-Mateas interviewed me on this exact subject - have a listen!   (more…)