Saturated Fat and Cholesterol is Not the Major Issue for Health

HeartbeatAs many of you may have gathered from reading my website posts on diet or having consultations with me, I’ve been saying for many years now that saturated fat should NOT be excluded from people’s diets, that it is not the “demon” it has been made out to be in the popular press – and the same goes for cholesterol for that matter.

Unfortunately the drug and food industries need you to think otherwise because they are highly invested in, and profit from, the false hypothesis that saturated fat and cholesterol causes heart disease – the number one cause of death in the industrialised world.

Every now and then a paper is published in a respectable mainstream journal that helps “myth-bust” this corporate sponsored dogma. Just this month an eminent cardiologist wrote a paper in the British Medical Journal called Saturated fat is not the major issue – many of you can go straight to this paper and read it for yourselves to get the full story and see all the related scientific references.

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Help with going Dairy-Free

What is a Milk (casein) Sensitivity?View details

A casein sensitivity means your immune system is sensitive to certain proteins found in cow’s milk products—it is nothing to do with missing digestive enzymes. Many people lack the digestive enzymes to digest the sugar in milk known as “lactose.” This is called “lactose intolerance” and means that ALL dairy products including cow’s dairy, goat, sheep and buffalo dairy must be avoided. Symptoms of people who are lactose intolerant would be an immediate gastrointestinal reaction on consumption of all dairy. Symptoms would be digestive pain and discomfort, irregular bowel movements, bloating and so on.
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Lasers, Dr Todd Ovokaitys and Laser Enhanced Nutrition

In November 2012 I managed to get an article I wrote on the front cover of CAM Magazine, one of the main trade journals for practitioners of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the UK on the subject of lasers, health and the amazing work of Dr Todd Ovokaitys. To read the article as it appeared in full in the magazine click here:  DrTOvokaitysArticle

This post below and the post on How Light Speaks to DNA covers more on this subject, plus I expand below on why some of Dr Todd’s work is particularly relevant for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME patients.
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How to Look after your “Light Body”

First you need to complete the energetic home clean up recommended in “How to Look after Your “Body Electric.”

Second you need to understand that you want to be promoting coherent light in your biophoton field per the article. Read the article How the “Light Body is linked to DNA and Your Health” to understand more about coherent light.

Tips to promote a coherent healthy biophoton field:
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How the “Light Body” is linked to DNA and Your Health

In order to understand how and why light is critical to your health, it is helpful to understand some of the research that has been undertaken on DNA since the 1970s by Russian and German physicists.  Unfortunately most practitioners in the UK and the US are unaware of the research into physics and quantum physics, as we tend to be more focused on biochemistry for health. And of course we rarely read Russian or German research papers! Leading German practitioner Dr Deitrich Klinghardt, Global Integrative Practitioner of the year for 2007, has commented that in general practitioners are over-educated in biochemistry and under-educated in physics. “When I’m in Germany I say the opposite. … you guys are over-educated in physics and you’re under-educated in biochemistry!”(1)
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You don’t just have a physical body to look after – you also have an “Energy Body” to consider which is VITAL for good health

The “Energy Body” is an invisible field that surrounds all humans. The Energy Body includes “Body Electric” made of electromagnetic waves, the “Light Body” which is made of photons of light and also energy which is non-electromagnetic.

In the 5 Levels of Healing Model the Energy body is “level 2″ and we are going to go into much more depth in this area in this series of related articles on “Energy medicine.”
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The Jury is Still Out on Red Meat and Dairy – Neu5GC

There has been some evidence linking red meat and dairy to cancer. Some researchers have speculated that in the case of red meat, it may be due to over-cooking or “charring” the meat which produces carcinogenic substances, however research is showing it could be related to a non-human sugar found in high levels in meat and dairy called Neu5GC.

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