Lasers, Dr Todd Ovokaitys and Laser Enhanced Nutrition

In November 2012 I managed to get an article I wrote on the front cover of CAM Magazine, one of the main trade journals for practitioners of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the UK on the subject of lasers, health and the amazing work of Dr Todd Ovokaitys. To read the article as it appeared in full in the magazine click here:  DrTOvokaitysArticle

This post below and the post on How Light Speaks to DNA covers more on this subject, plus I expand below on why some of Dr Todd’s work is particularly relevant for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME patients.



A  laser is a device that emits light (electromagnetic radiation) through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of photons. The term “laser” originated as an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.” The emitted laser light is notable because it is COHERENT light with a high degree of spatial and temporal coherence: i.e. the light contains waves which match exactly, peak to peak and valley to valley, like in this diagram below:


Coherent light Waves

Coherent Light 2


Low Level Laser Therapy

The use of lasers for health using devices which emit low level laser light have been shown to be effective in all kinds of experiments, including demonstrations of speeded-up wound healing, reduced inflammation and reversed signs of disease.

There are over 3300 citations on pubmed on the benefits of low level laser therapy for health. Various chiropractors and dentists use low level lasers in their practices. To learn more about lLaserasers or even hire one for health, read this article called Low Level Laser Therapy for Hard-to-Heal conditions  published in Positive Health by health writer and healer Gill Jacobs from


To understand how lasers support your health – read “How Lights speak to the DNA for health.”


Laser Enhanced Neutraceuticals – Dr Todd Ovokaitys

Dr ToddAfter completing an accelerated medical training programme at the prestigious John Hopkins University Medical School in Baltimore and receiving his MD, Dr Todd completed a two-year Fellowship in Pulmonary and Intensive Care Medicine at Georgetown University Hospital – and it was there that he first became interested in laser technology for the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

While at Georgetown, Dr Todd took part in formal studies of T cell immune function, while the clinical side of his Fellowship involved him in the intensive care of many people with HIV.  He had an insight about HIV: that its modified genetic structure meant that it should be possible to produce a wave vibration of a pattern that would disrupt only the virus and leave human cells unharmed. Dr Todd teamed up with award-winning Scottish physicist Scott Strachan to produce a laser technology device which has now received a globally granted patent:  the Strachen-Ovokaitys Node Generator. Strachan had previously co-invented real time ultrasound technology which produces dynamic imaging of internal systems, including of foetuses while in utero and received an Enterprise Scotland award for the development of highly precise laser measurement instruments.

Two formal pilot studies completed at the University of Southern California confirmed that this specially configured laser system could fully neutralise HIV in human cells in culture within 15 minutes without a harmful effect upon the cells. After working with end-stage HIV patients in South Africa, heads of state in that country took note of Dr Todd’s work, and he now has government approval for double blind placebo controlled phase 2 clinical studies on HIV patients in India.


Zero Sum Laser Light

Before we talk about Dr Todd’s amazing research results, we have to explain that Dr Todd’s invention is not the normal laser light.   Dr Todd explains that his laser technology does not produce standard laser light. His patented invention, the Strachen-Ovokaitys Node Generator (or SONG device) actually causes matching light waves to move exactly out of phase, matching peak to valley and valley to peak. This in effect cancels out the output of light to zero, so there is visible light in and no detectable light out.

 Matching Out of Phase Light Waves

 Zero Sum Light


 Matching waves cancel to zero


Light waves in the shorter visible wavelengths such as violet and blue light only penetrate approximately 1-2mm into the human body. Longer light waves in the red-orange range can penetrate further, approximately 3-5mm. Zero sum light is in effect like “stealth” light and can penetrate far more deeply “speaking” to the DNA and creating a healing vibrational pattern for DNA directly, as Dr Todd’s Heart Regeneration study discussed below proved.  As the modulation of this wave form sends photon driven frequency information signatures deep into tissue or in vitro media, the platform is called the QiLaser.  Qi in this sense stands for “Quantum information” and Qi also means “life force energy” in Eastern medical and healing systems.  The QiLaser has a residual of nodes of visible light that sends subfemtosecond pulses (millionths of nanoseconds matching molecular vibrations) to resonate and modify molecular structure and function in vitro and in vivo.


Qi Laser Light and the effect on DNA Expression


Image of the DNA double helix

Since Watson and Crick discovered the explicit chemical structure of DNA, the image of the double helix has become culturally iconic.  This illustration shows the complementary nucleic acid base pairs in the core of the helix and the spiral-antispiral of the ribose phosphate backbone of DNA.  This image is being shown to clarify the deep geometric parallel between the structure of DNA and the geometry of the phase conjugate waves produced by Dr Todd’s Qi laser technology.

When a photon or light wave is moving through space, during every complete cycle of its sine wave movement of electric (and at right angles, magnetic) field intensities, there is an additional very important phenomenon known as polarization.  For every complete cycle, the arrow of polarization rotates through 360 degrees.  Phase conjugate waves demonstrate the same 360 degree spiral-antispiral geometry as does DNA in each full turn of the double helix.  That the internal geometric similarities are so striking suggests that the phase conjugate wave form may be an especially good pattern to create vibrational modes within DNA, potentially with such specificity as to target and achieve desired modification of genetic expression within particular genes or even within larger segments of the genome.


“Time Reversed Light ” Hypothesis

Dr Todd has a further theory when he points out for light that moves in this wave-anti-wave pattern, even according to conventional physics, one wave is going forward in space, but also forward in time, thus the other wave not only moves backwards  in space – but backwards in time.


Time Reversed Light Hypothesis

Time Reversed Light

Dr Todd has an intriguing hypothesis that just as we can clear a computer of a virus by resetting the computer to an earlier point in time, this can also be done with the information supplied to the DNA and therefore to the cells, in effect healing them.

The application of the technology is wide ranging , both when applied directly through the laser, or via laser-enhanced supplements: for infectious diseases,  the capacity to specifically inhibit pathogens free of significant adverse effects, and for tissue regeneration; the ability to provide both the information signatures for rebuilding tissue as well as the physical substance to effect the repair.

It appears that this new development in laser technology may provide practitioners with the ability to intentionally direct patterns of DNA “switches” for the reversal of a broad stream of pathological conditions and perhaps even the aging process itself.


The Research Studies and Particular Interest to Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME

In an extraordinary study published in the Russian Journal of Gerontology in September 2011, US medical doctor, DNA researcher and specialist in metabolic medicine Dr Todd Ovokaitys, MD, and a leading Russian scientist reported on an a double- blind, randomised, placebo-controlled experiment involving  50 patients with varying degrees of heart failure. The patients were treated with a special laser-enhanced amino acid formulation at a dose of 6 grams daily for 30 days. The active supplement group, 60% showed improvement to normal or nearly normal cardiac function.

Even more remarkable was that there was a statistically significant near doubling of collagen generation in the active treatment group. This suggested that heart muscle regeneration contributed to the clinical and physiological improvement. This was more than doubled the criterion for a successful intracoronary stem cell intervention aimed at regenerating heart tissue. (1)

The amino acid used in the study is now an approved treatment for heart disease in Russia. Amazing as this may seem, this study is just one of a range of exciting projects Dr Ovokaitys – universally known as “Dr Todd” – is involved in; they all use research in laser light technology and quantum physics to create practical solutions for human health.

Given that studies of patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME have confirmed cardiomyopathy, and probably patent formen ovale (PFO) – a hole in the heart, any supplement which will support regeneration of heart tissue is of great interest.

In June 2011 Dr Todd published a second study on laser enhanced arginine in the Russian Medical Journal.  (2)

Subjects were men who had suffered a major myocardial infarction and had recurrence of chest pain with exertion or at rest or both.  Compared to the control group results which showed no clinical change, the treated group over a 30 day course had a statistically significant (p < .05) reduction of chest pain both with exertion and at rest and an improvement in erectile function (p < .05).  While the control group showed a 10% reduction of exercise capacity over 30 days, the treated group showed a remarkable 60% improvement in maximum exercise capacity on exercise ergometry (p < .05).  What is especially notable is that treated subjects often showed a resolution of ischemic cardiac changes during maximum exertion that allowed reduction or cessation of nitrates.

To date Dr Todd now has eight more formal controlled clinical studies on his range of laser enhanced nutritional supplements awaiting publication. The sum of in vitro and in vivo studies have confirmed beneficial structural changes occur in the supplements  through the Qi (Quantum informational) laser treatment resulting in enhanced biological action, and increased absorption and assimilation.

Dr Todd now has over 20 laser enhanced nutritional supplements which I believe represent the cutting edge in laser light technology and nutritional supplements for health.



2. Ovokaitys TF and Fedorov VC.  Report of a clinical study using the amino acid complex Nitroxx for the improvement of ischemic heart disease.  Russian Medical Journal.  2011; 19 (14): 910-912.

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